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Internship Program

During the undergraduate program, a one year internship is required. Corporations that are part of the internship program include the many famous enterprises, such as: World largest lighting company, plus Harmony Corporation, Formosa Plastics Corporation, Formosa Plastics Museum, West China Company, Abraham design company, macros plastic industry, macro Acer Inc., where research design companies, and Shuo United Technologies Corporation, Chang Gung University, Chang Gung medical material company, goods, Melco International Co.,Ltd., Bergen enterprises,Bo Zhong Network Control Corporation, Inventec Corporation, energetically design companies, Sheng-Ming Electronics Co., WNC, Inc., Asustek Computer Inc., MSI Computer, electro-optic business, Chen believed the company, Fossan Associates, which serves as One Science and Technology Corporation, Dezhong design company, building the International Space Communication Arts company, Formosa Plastics General Management Department, in conjunction Yan model company, hung Carpenter Company, and point-stone design companies, etc.

The goal of this one year internship is to unite theoretical instruction with practical hands-on training to achieve the objective of vocational education.