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恭喜工業設計系設二鍾佳明同學,以作品「SHELTER WELCOME」獲得2017 iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD!
Jiaming Zhong, Ming-Chi University of Technology, wins 2017 iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD!


作品理念(the design concept)

The refugee crisis in Europe becomes increasingly serious. Currently, shelters available are insufficient to meet the needs. However, as I noticed in my primary research, some shelters are not operating at full capacity, while others are overcrowded. According to further research, information of these shelters was not accessible to all refugees and that governments were not able to make effective policies. To bridge the gap between less-known shelters and refugees, I designed this SHELTER WELCOME, which offers a platform for refugees, NGOs, and governments to exchange information.

得獎感言(Winner Statement):

I'm extremely honored to be selected for the DESIGN TALENT AWARD 2017. Here first I would love to express my sincere gratitude for the priceless guidance and support of my respectful mentor Shao-Wei Huang, Professor Wan-Yin Lai and Professor Heng-Yi Lin. Also, I appreciate very much that the jury valued my projects. I will continue further in social innovation design and devote my life to creating a better life for all human beings.

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